How to Index Web2.0 websites

How to Index Web2.0 websites or any backlinks these days?

Everyone Builds around 20-40 web2.0 Backlinks these days because it is the easiest and safest way to acquire good powerful backlinks.

but if these are not indexed then there’s no need to work that hard right ? So…

This is one of the most asked question on Affiliate marketing groups, Seo groups, forums…

…Everyone wants to know how to index their freaking web2.0s and Backlinks that they have made.


Most Common advice is to Submit the url to Google directly. submit url to google

How many of you have searched this and submitted the url without even considering the footprints?

Be Honest?

Well most of us did this !

Some of us Don’t even use different IPs or Gmail accounts to do this.

With Google Fred upon us, we have to be Smarter than before…

…Update our Seo Skills to rank these websites on Google Fast !


How to Index Web2.0s Quickly and without Footprints ?

I went ahead and asked this question on the most reputable Black hat forum:

I received many answers, some were really cool and new.

So Whoever said this :

There are no dumb questions!

must be a fucking Legend.

So Back to the point. I want to share some of the screenshots of the answers i got.


Index web2,0s blogs

This guy probably manages the most WEB2.o setups, so i would recommend what he is recommending.

He prefers to avoid Webmaster URL so WE should too.

Index Tumblr backlinks

So the Idea is not to leave any footprints. We have to be smart to beat the new Google Algorithm.

Another answer which i loved is:

Tumblr Backlinks

So using VPN + Different GMAIL accounts is advised to complete this step!

Even i believe in Backlinks over Page Authority. So Scrape tumblrs, wordpress etc with backlinks. Don’t buy for the Sake of PA Only.

5 tumblrs with 50+ backlinks costs $15 only so you can make use of that. Buy $5 tumblrs for 2 tier add spun content on it. That will index the fresh web2.0s Faster.

So It is recommended to use VPN, different Gmail accounts to submit the URL.

Best way to index these backlinks is to make a tier 2 which should comprise of a PBN links, some social signals and Diversity Backlinks(The things we do with our money site).

It not that tough to Index these backlinks on google, google loves tumblr and web2.0 blogs, and index them right away.

So, you just have to make sure that everything looks natural. 

Please suggest what should i cover in the next blog, please type the suggestions below. 


Peace Out.






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  1. Such an amazing article. i have question i am trying many time to build backlinks with Web 2.0 and successfully index in Google.. but why these are not show in any backlink checker tool. like ahref, semrush, seosmarttool etc

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