The Easiest way to Find Expired Domains With backlinks from Authority Sites

One of my favorite pass time activity is hunting expired domains with awesome backlinks. And if the backlinks are from authority sites like Forbes, Nytimes, CNN, Lifehack etc. there’s always a change to make good money from them.

What can you do with expired Domains?

There are few ways to use expired domains:

  • 301 redirect to your money site to transfer the link juice.
  • You can build your money site on the domain.
  • You can build a site in your private blog network.
  • You can sell the domain for a good price.

I personally create a site on these domains and use it as a PBN. And if your PBN has links from authority websites, you can make money. Lots of it! In fact, the average affiliate marketer makes nothing in comparison to what a pathetic PBN seller makes in a day.

But, making a worthy PBN which actually boost up the rankings of the sites is not easy. Most people do it wrong and still make over $500 per day. If it is done right, then there’s no stopping you. You just have to rank 1 site to prove your worth and the buyers will flock in.

Without futher ado

Let’s Start :

I will share how i scrape expired domain names for FREE.

There are some tools you need, Namely :

  • AHREFS Free 14 day Subscription

Yes, We will use free tools to get these awesome expired domains.

Step By Step Instructions to scrape golden Domains :

YES, I refer these domains as gold nuggets. Lets scrape some gold !!!

Step 1: Login to AHREFS and select Site Explorer.

You have to make an account on ahrefs and provide them some necessary details to use the account. Once that is done, we will simply login and select Site Explorer.
use site explorer ahrefs

Step 2:  Enter a website from which you need your backlink: etc.

You just have to put in the website, You will see the stats and various options on the left.

check domain stats


Step 3: Find outgoing links section and select broken links:

On the left section, you will find Outgoing Links, just select the broken links. That’s it.

check broken links ahrefs

Step 4:Export the dofollow broken links to CSV.

You have to scrape only the dofollow links for maximum link juice from Huffington and you have to export only the dofollow links.You will find an export button on top right. Use that.

Check dofollow on ahrefs
Select Dofollow

ahrefs broken link export

Step 5 :  open the above file in excel and copy the URLs of the broken links (Column G)

We will simply open the excel file and copy all the broken links.

scraping domain names

NOTE: I am only scraping first 1000 broken links. May not find a domain name. But this strategy works and its free!

Step 6: Go to to convert the URLs into root domains.

Paste the URLs from excel into the input box, deselect the “Include Subdomains”option and make sure remove duplicates is selected. You should use the below setting and get the domains.

Now you will get a list of Domain names, Now you have to check the availability of these domain names.

Step 6: Go to the Godaddy bulk domain checker and paste the URLs (500 at a time).

Alternatively, (5000 domains per search) does the job, but does not support as many TLDs.

godaddy bulk checker

List of all the available domains
List of all the available domains

Now you have a list of Domains which has a dofollow backlink from huffingtonpost. Now you have to make sure that it is okay to use it as a money site domain, PBN etc.

For that, we will spend a little more time to check the spam, if there’s any. I follow some simple steps, for which you will need :

  • Ahrefs
  • Wayback Machine

Lets do the spam analysis in few simple steps:

Step 1: Go to (200/search) and paste the available Domain Names.

You will get the Domain Authority(DA) and Page Authority(PA) for these Domains.

Step 2: Go to to check their TF & CF.

Visit the above url and Paste the domains which met your minimum DA/PA criteria (10 at a time and Select the worthy ones.

It does not have trust flow yet

Step 3: Go back to AHREFS to check the backlink profile of the domains you selected.

Its time to check whether the backlinks to this site are clean or not; also check the anchor text of the domains you choose, should not be spam. Check these backlinks one by one if you have to, they should not come from an adult site or any other spam sites which google hates.

After this step, the domains you select have to go through a final test.

Step 4: Go to Wayback Machine/ Screenshots to check the history of the domain.

This is important and you should do this to check how this domain was being used, sometimes if its a blog, you can scrape the data and use it for, You will get free content for your pbn or whatever.

Well that is it! You now have a list of domains, which you can use for anything you wish for.

I have over 200 of these domains with backlinks from authority sites. Its the best free time utilization in my opinion.


You can tell me your techniques to scrape the domains in the comment section below.

If you liked this tutorial please share with your affiliate marketing groups, friends.

Last but not the least, I am Chirag Mehta AKA PbnGeek. I will write more tuts and make use of my 9 years experience in search engine optimization field. So stay tuned.

7 thoughts on “The Easiest way to Find Expired Domains With backlinks from Authority Sites”

  1. Expired domains with backlinks from authority sites are truly a boon for any SEO marketer. With expired domains, you not only get traffic from a quality sub-niche, but you also leverage the power of already established backlinks. But again, planning to buy and actually buying are way too different things. Your article mends the bridge between both. Would love to hear more of your stuff.

  2. Just a quick question, if a domain has backlinks from let’s say Forbes and Techcrunch. But the url isn’t indexed in Google.Will the link juice still flows if redirected to another domain.

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