$5 SeoClerk Coupon + rank with seoclerk’s gigs

SeoClerk recently mailed me, and told me that i can make coupons of $5 for the people who joins through my link.

So you can try Seoclerk for the first time if you haven’t and test some cheapo services and i get 10% of whatever you buy on seoclerk.

So here’s how you can get $5:

1) Sign up using http://a.seoclerks.com/linkin/542236 

2) Use the coupon : webminati123

3) Once you are signed up, verify your phone number.

4) Once logged in, you should be able to go to https://www.seoclerk.com/coupon.

5) Enter the coupon and you will get $5 🙂

Please do not misuse the coupon.(don’t use VPN and fake phone numbers to get $5 credit).

The Gigs that are good on Seoclerk:

  1. 70 Google 1+ for your website at $1. Here’s the gig: https://www.seoclerk.com/Social-Networks/503672/More-70-Google-One-Plus-Social-Signals-Your-Post   (G+ signals are good for your site)
  2. 5 Tumblr Links PA30+ with backlinks: https://www.seoclerk.com/Web20/487087/Get-5-Expired-Tumblr-PA32-With-50-Backlinks-Registered  (good service)
  3. 5 Tumblr above 35 PA : https://www.seoclerk.com/private-blog-networks/445454/400-Orders-I-will-find-and-register-five-Moz-PA35-above-expired-tumblr-blogs (the seller usually find ones with the backlinks)
  4. 8 OK PBN links : https://www.seoclerk.com/private-blog-networks/526205/Create-8-High-PA-DA-TF-CF-Homepage-PBN-Backlinks-To-Skyrocket-you-SERP  (Only use Url or brand name as anchor text).
  5. 50 OK Expired web2.0s : https://www.seoclerk.com/private-blog-networks/488363/50-PBN-POSTs-Tumblr-and-WordPress-90-High-DA  (Use this, that or any general keywords + urls backlinks only)


So how will i use the above packages for any keywords?

Here’s how:

  1. Will get 70 G 1+, viral effect (very very little effect on seo)
  2. I will get posts on expired web2.0s with general + Homepage url (powerful yet cheap) + create my own bookmarking and profile links with my urls. Most of the times these profiles do not index which fuck up with the anchor diversity hence we will use something which indexes easily like expired web2.0s.
  3. Get 10 Tumblr blogs and use long tail/exact keywords on it (5-5). Get handwritten content on these if you really want to rank for a good period of time.
  4. Get 8 PBN posts with Brand name or url of the post you want to rank.
  5. Get 10 handwritten PBNs for exact keywords (Kinda expensive $8-12 per post on BHW, but works)

The above can work for medium competition easily !

If you want, i can show you how it’s done on a new website. (live case study)

PS: You won’t be penalized for this! Just replicate the anchor texts which of #1-4 site in your niche…








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